Just a couple of kids living in California with a dream of dropping out in Michigan

Well, not exactly. But our Midwest roots seem to be calling us back to the land. To quote Timothy Leary:

"Turn on" meant go within to activate your neural and genetic equipment. Become sensitive to the many and various levels of consciousness and the specific triggers that engage them. Drugs were one way to accomplish this end. "Tune in" meant interact harmoniously with the world around you - externalize, materialize, express your new internal perspectives. "Drop out" suggested an active, selective, graceful process of detachment from involuntary or unconscious commitments. "Drop Out" meant self-reliance, a discovery of one's singularity, a commitment to mobility, choice, and change. Unhappily my explanations of this sequence of personal development were often misinterpreted to mean "Get stoned and abandon all constructive activity".

We won't have electric Kool-Aid, but we will have a peaceful river, organic vegetables, woods for walking, and minds for connecting. While drugs may be one way to accomplish being sensitive to various levels of consciousness, we will focus on good old fashioned communing with nature and the fostering of creativity. 

Right now we live in Napa, California. While very beautiful, it's a far cry from where we would like to be. The cost of living on the west coast is slightly insane and we could never afford to live in the kind of space we want here. There is also just something magical and almost primitive that calls us back to Michigan. If you've never been, you should visit us. 

We hope to fill this blog with our adventures (and mis-adventures) as we continue the journey of fulfilling our dream. Stay tuned...